Shannon Brook Farm



Shannon Ratcliff, Walter Adam

Watkins Glen, NY

[email protected]



Certified organic, free-range chicken, duck and stew hens
Certified organic, free-range chicken eggs
Certified organic, pasture-raised, heritage breed pork
Grass-fed lamb and goat raised on organic pastures
Tanned sheep skins

Farming Practices:

“Our farm has been certified organic for over a decade.  We practice ‘management-intensive rotational grazing’ with our flock of sheep and herd of goats.  The organic chickens, ducks and laying hens are raised on pasture, free to roam.  Organic pigs are raised on pasture and are rotated to new paddocks regularly.

“The sheep, goats, pigs and the poultry are all part and parcel  of our pasture-based system that improves and maintains healthy soil and clean water across the 130 acre farm.”