Winter Market Opens in Our New Space!

This Week — December 3, 2023

The Brighton Winter Farmers’ Market opens this week! We’re so happy to be returning to our year-round schedule in our wonderful new space, designed specifically to house our winter market. We’re grateful to the many people who have worked for years to turn this dream into a beautiful market barn. Please join us between 10 am and 1 pm as we celebrate the new season and the new space!

EBT/SNAP Bonus Program

Brighton Farmers’ Market is pleased to offer SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers the opportunity to purchase tokens using their SNAP benefits, which can be used to buy SNAP eligible foods at the Market. We’re excited to be able to offer the new expanded FreshConnect bonus program to our SNAP/EBT customers! For every $2 spent in SNAP benefits receive a $2 bonus check. (limit of 25 checks or $50 per cardholder per day). Stop by the Market tent!

Vendors This Week

K&S Bischoping
[email protected]

  • apples

R&M Bischoping

  • seasonal honey, artisan soaps, gift sets

Bolton Farms,

  • butterhead bibb lettuce, arugula, microgreens, green leaf sorrel, delicata squash, pea shoots, various leafy greens
  • Please preorder at

Brian’s Kitchen

  • an assortment of cookies, granola bars, chocolate fudge, some gluten-free/vegan, some traditional, gluten-free/vegan oat bread. All items dairy free.

Bristol Mushrooms

  • fresh king oyster mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms, full selection of lion’s mane Pure Powder products

Clearview Farm

  • fall radishes (including watermelon radishes), turnips, red Russian kale, arugula, dill, winter squash, Seneca Grain and Bean dry beans and pearled wheat

Crust Pie Company

  • savory mini pies, sweet mini pies, bacon sausage rolls, savory galettes, hand pies

Deep River Gardens

  • new grass-fed and finished beef (all cuts), pastured no-soy feed whole chicken, limited lamb, no-soy eggs, pumpkins, holiday evergreen swags

Fellenz Family Farm

  • Winterbor kale, Redbor kale, lacinato kale, potatoes, onions, shallots, arugula, Tokyo bekana, celeriac, rutabaga, cylindra beets, Alpine daikon butternut squash, black futsu squash, honeynut squash, garlic, Wild Thistle herbal goods
  • Please pre-order or reserve by emailing [email protected]

Fisher Hill Farm

  • eggs, chicken, duck

Flour City Bread

  • artisanal breads, chocolates

Flour City Pasta

  • artisanal dried pastas

Fox’s Deli

  • bagels (plain, everything, sesame, cinnamon raisin, egg, poppy, French toast, pumpernickel), cream cheese, pickles (half sour and garlic dill), chicken broth (cold, in pint and quart containers), cookies (coconut macaroons, lemon, snickerdoodles), deli mustard (yellow and sharp)

Growing Family Farms

  • certified organic tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, kale, Swiss chard, dandelion, fennel, turnips, scallion, onions, garlic, shallots, squash, cucumber, Asian pears, elderberry, apples, parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, basil, baby mustard greens, baby arugula, baby kale, cabbage

JonJohn’s Bakery, [email protected],  585-750-4244

  • World Famous peanut butter balls, chocolate dipped bourbon balls, lemon blueberry cake, muffins, frosted sugar cookies, ginger cookies, chocolate chip cookies, monster chocolate brownies
  • pre-order online at Offering Tuesday-Saturday pick-up and delivery and pre-orders for Market.

Kettle Ridge Farm

  • maple and honey products

Lagoner Farms

  • sprouts, apples, cauliflower, romanesca, baked goods

Lavender Moon Herb Gardens or email [email protected]

  • all natural wreaths; please preorder for other Lavender Moon products
  • Orders may also be left on shop phone at 585-624-4220 along with your email; you will be billed directly and be able to pay with credit or debit card.

Mojo Sauce

  • hand-crafted small batch hot sauces made from Finger Lakes produce

Noto Fruit Farm
[email protected]

  • apples, apple cider

Park View Farm

  • lamb: loin chops, rib chops, leg, shanks, ground; chicken: whole and half, spatchcock, boneless breasts, bone-in breasts, leg quarters, wings, stock bags; eggs; pork: bacon,. jowl bacon, uncured belly, Italian sausage (hot), bratwurst (jalapeno cheddar), ground, maple breakfast sausage links, loin chops, smoked loin chops, butt roasts, spare ribs, smoked hocks, smoked ham steaks, smoked ham end roasts; turkey: ground, legs, wings
  • to order go to

Phenomenal Farms
[email protected] or call 585 789-0420

  • romaine, butter lettuce, arugula, carrots, salad turnips, napa cabbage, daikon, spinach, onions, cabbage, fennel, dandelion greens, broccolini, chard, kale, parsley, cilantro, green sweet peppers, shallots, garlic, sunflower shoots

Schenk Homestead Farm

  • Ovation greens mix (baby kal, arugula, mizuna, greens mix), Premium greens mix (tatsoi, tokyo bekana, purple bok choy, mustard greens), mizuna, red mustard bunch, bok choy, Lofty Cut salad greens mix (a mix of butterhead, oakleaf, red and green leaf salanova), spinach, potatoes (blackberry – purple skin, purple flesh, Peter Wilcox  – purple skin, yellow flesh, Kennebec – roasting, baking), carrots, red radish,  French breakfast radish, daikon radish (purple and white), baby salad mix, curly parsley, kale, soft neck garlic, Dutch red shallots, red onions, Trio Gem head lettuce, mixed root bags (various radish, daikon, carrot)

Seaway Trail Honey or 585-820-6619

  • gift boxes; glass honey filled gingerbread man bottles; pure beeswax candles (turkeys, owls, pine cones, trees), fall honey (darker, flavorful honey from goldenrod, clover, other wildflowers); seasonal, local, raw honey: spring, early summer, summer, late summer, fall; apple blossom honey; some naturally creamed honey/honey spread; honeycombs in all sizes; cute seasonal mini honey bears; infused honeys (lavender, ginger, rosemary, red pepper, cinnamon, cocoa, rose petal, chamomile, cranberry, blueberry, lemon infused, pumpkin spice), specialty bottles, gits. All honey (including infused) Certified Kosher. Accepting donations for NY Bee Wellness (a 501c3)
  • To order in advance or if looking for a particular season or size contact Pat at 585-820-6619, [email protected] or visit NYHoney.Buzz

Shannon Brook Farm

  • certified organic chicken eggs; certified organic whole and half chickens, chicken necks, feet, gizzards, liver; certified organic Cornish game hens; certified organic whole and half ducks, duck necks; certified organic pork: butt roasts, center-cut chops, ground, six types of sausage with organic seasonings, no-nitrite, organically smoked products (traditional bacon, hams, thin-sliced ham, smoked ham slices, hocks, bacon and ham ends), fresh minute steaks, fresh hams, soup bones, leaf lard; grass-fed lamb raised on organic pastures: ground, loin chops, rib chops, shoulder chops, leg steaks, racks, shanks, shoulder and leg roasts, neck roasts, soup bones, kidneys, liver; limited offerings of pastured goat cuts (recommended to reserve goat cuts via email [email protected])

Smugtown Mushrooms
[email protected]

  • mushrooms, mushroom grow kits

Timber Trails Forest Farm

  • amber and dark Grade A maple syrup in 1 liter, 12 oz., 8 oz., and 3.4 oz. glass containers and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in 375 ml. and 100 ml. glass jars

Tripleberry Farm
[email protected]

  • frozen berries, chocolate fudge

White Oak Farm

  • a variety of vegetables, grass grown and finished beef

See you Sunday!