Happy Spring!

This Week — March 26, 2023

Happy Spring! March has certainly tossed us some seasonal curve balls, but the month’s approaching end seems to promise spring’s welcome arrival. Please join us Sunday as we celebrate Spring’s official arrival and the promise of real spring days to come.

The early season Market continues through next week, April 2. We’ll close April 9, Easter Sunday. The main season Market opens Sunday April 16, outdoors at Brighton High School, 9 am to 1 pm. We can’t wait!

EBT/SNAP Bonus Program

Brighton Farmers’ Market is pleased to offer SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers the opportunity to purchase tokens using their SNAP benefits, which can be used to buy SNAP eligible foods at the Market. Any SNAP customer who purchases $5 in tokens with SNAP benefits will also receive a bonus $2 FreshConnect Check to purchase eligible Market products.

Vendors This Week

K&S Bischoping

  • apples

Bolton Farms

  • various leafy greens including: arugula, lettuce bouquets, spring mix, micro greens, pea shoots, broccoli sprouts, cilantro, tatsoi, escarole and rappi
  • Please preorder at boltonfarms.gofarmmarket.com

Brian’s Kitchen

  • a variety of cookies including traditional and gluten free/vegan, granola bars, and chocolate fudge; all products are dairy-free

Bristol Mushrooms

  • fresh-picked lion’s mane mushrooms

Clearview Farm

  • grass grown and finished bulk ground beef and patties; Delmonico, tenderloin, top round, skirt and sirloin steaks; chuck roast, stew beef, soup bones and broth bones; winter squash (butternut, carnival acorn), dry beans (chickpeas, pinto, black, red kidney, cranberry, three bean blend, lentils, small red)

Deep River Gardens

  • onions, garlic, pasture-raised chicken (fed non-GMO, no soy or canola product)

Fellenz Family Farm

  • red onions, yellow onions, kohlrabi, celeriac, garlic, spinach, arugula, French breakfast radishes, microgreens, Gold Rush apples, Wild Thistle herbal products
  • Please pre-order or reserve by emailing erik@fellenzfamilyfarm.com

Flour City Bread 

  • artisanal breads, pastries, chocolates

Growing Family Farms

  • Asian lettuce mix, spinach

JonJohn’s Bakery
www.shop.jonjohnsbakery.com, contact@jonjohnsbakery.com,  585-750-4244

  • World Famous Peanut Butter Balls, rainbow sugar cookies, bourbon balls, monster chocolate brownies, lemon dream cookies
  • pre-order online at www.jonjohnsbakery.com. or new site dedicated to our World Famous Peanut Butter Balls — www.WFPBB.com. Offering Tuesday-Saturday pick-up and delivery and pre-orders for Market.

Lagoner Farms  

  • apples, pies, cookies

Lavender Moon Herb Gardens
lavendermoonherbs.com or email angela@lavendermoonherbs.com

  • soaps, lotions, salves, culinary blends, teas
  • Orders may also be left on shop phone at 585-624-4220 along with your email; you will be billed directly and be able to pay with credit or debit card.

Park View Farm

  • chicken: whole, leg quarters, wings, stock bags; pork: loin chops, shoulder steaks, butt roasts, bacon, Italian sausage (hot, mild, sweet), maple breakfast sausage, bulk breakfast sausage, bulk plain sausage, ham steaks, ham end roasts, spare ribs, smoked hocks, rendered lard.
  • to order go to https://www.parkviewfamilyfarm.com/store

Schenk Homestead Farm

  • gem head lettuce, cegolaine bibb, red leaf, kale, scallions, microgreens — mild brassica mix, cabbage, broccoli, borage (succulent texture with cucumber flavor)

Shannon Brook Farm

  • Certified organic chicken eggs; certified organic pork: butt roasts, spare ribs, chops (bone-in and boneless), ground, 6 types of sausage with organic seasonings; no-nitrite, organically smoked products: traditional bacon, cottage bacon, jowl bacon, picnic hams, thin-sliced ham, ham slices, bacon and ham ends, hocks, fresh minute steaks, fresh ham steaks, soup bones, leaf lard;  certified organic whole and half broiler chickens, chicken necks;  certified organic stew hens; grass-fed lamb raised on organic pastures: ground, loin chops, shoulder chops, leg steaks, shanks, shoulder and leg roasts (bone-in and deboned), neck roasts, soup bones and kidneys, hearts, liver.

Smugtown Mushrooms

  • mushrooms, mushroom grow kits

See you Sunday!