Park View Farm

Brian Lenhard

Leicester, NY

[email protected]


chicken, pork lamb: Cornish-cross meat chickens, Idaho pasture pigs, and Katahdin/White Dorper lamb

Farm Practices

“Our focus is to raise animals on pasture to build soil and provide a nutrient-dense clean meat product. Our chickens are moved daily to fresh grass and are fed non-GMO, organic, non-soy feed. The chickens naturally fertilize the pasture for the sheep and pigs. Both the sheep and pigs are rotated frequently on pasture. The pigs are also provided an organic non-GMO feed. The goal is to feed the sheep no grain but we do currently provide a little organic feed in the winter during lambing to supplement the hay. All of our animals are supplemented with apple cider vinegar in their water. No hormones or antibiotics, although I would treat a sick animal to save it.”