Kettle Ridge Farm

Joseph Hurley

Victor, NY

[email protected]


“Kettle Ridge Farm produces and sells maple syrup and wildflower honey. We tap approximately 1900 maple trees in Victor and Perinton to produce over 500 gallons of pure maple syrup each year. We maintain apiaries in Victor and Bloomfield to provide the raw wildflower honey we sell. We also product maple syrups, maple sugar, “hot” honey and other maple- and honey-based food items.”

Farm Practices

“Our operations are 100% sustainable. We use sanitizers required for commercial food production but otherwise make no use of fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. For controlling varroa mites in our honeybee colonies we do not use “hard” chemicals but instead apply organic acids in the label-approved manner. Kettle Ridge Farm has been accepted by the NYS Grown & Certified program.”