JonJohn’s Bakery

Jonathan Leach, John Keltos

Rochester, NY

[email protected]


variety of baked goods, including peanut butter balls, sweet potato tarts, cakes, fresh fruit pies, tarts, cobblers, oatmeal-raising cookies, chocolate/chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate-dipped cookies.


“Baker Jonathan and schoolteacher John founded this cottage industry in 1999 to create down home sweets ‘just like Grandma’s’ for all to taste and enjoy. Our award winning Beyond Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Balls and Chocolate-chip cookies are just a few of our celebrated specialties.  Jonathan’s maternal grandmother, Hazel, is the inspiration for JonJohn’s delicious creations. She was a strong woman of faith, compassion and stability who believed that no matter what happened in a family’s life, good cooking would make things seem better. That conviction is not only reflected in our products, but also in our relationship with our customers. We hope every purchase will be special to our patrons, and we only use the freshest and finest ingredients in all of our desserts.  We use locally produced products as much as we possibly can in the production of our baked goods.”