Deep River Gardens

Lisa and Keith Douglass

Sodus, NY

[email protected]


vegetables, no-soy heritage breed chickens and Cornish cross chickens

Farm Practices

“We use a permaculture, regenerative agriculture approach to our growing and farming methods. Our animals are moved daily and given access to the outdoors and fresh pasture daily during the growing season. We have used no chemical pesticides, not even organically certified pesticides. We are not certified organic at this point but it is a goal. All methods used for pest removal are organic practice or better. We spend many hours manually removing weeds, laying down organic mulch, and manually removing insect pests by hand or using Castile soap, essential oils, and vinegar as needed. We consider ourselves first and foremost soil farmers. Healthy soil supports the most vibrant plants and animal growth.

? Our frameless raised beds are filled with compost we have made on farm or have bought from a local company that provides organic certified compost.

? We are largely a no-till farm. We have tilled certain sections of the farm to establish greenhouse beds but we do not practice regular tilling. And for established beds, we use minimal disturbance methods for bed prep.

? For further insight into our growing practices, we have modeled our vegetable growing practices chiefly after NeverSink farm, No Till Growers, Elliot Collman, among others. The chief inspirations for our pastured meats enterprise have been Joel Salatin and the Regenerative Rancher.”