Dearhaven Farm

Paul Ricklis and Jan Finnan

Naples, NY

Crops Grown:

greens, scallions, spinach, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, beets, radish, herbs, tomatoes, summer squash, potatoes, snap peas, rutabaga, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, fennel, beans, shallots, cabbage, onions, kohlrabi, garlic, leeks, bok choi, turnip, celery, winter squash.

Growing Practices:

According to Paul and Jan, “Our farm is a former dairy farm.  The land we are using to cultivate vegetables and small fruit was for generations a holding area for livestock.  Owing to that there is intrinsically a very high organic content with all nutrients at a high starting point. The native soil is a clayey loam typical of the area, rich in minerals but with poor drainage….(so) we have opted for raised beds nearly everywhere……Compost and covercropping with cereals, legumes, and brassicas are used to maintain humus and discourage soil borne pests such as nematodes.  Crops vulnerable to insects such as flea beetles are protected by floating row covers.  Interplanting, where possible, helps guarantee success in a given crop.  Many  disease problems are minimized with a healthy soil and adequate moisture.  Companion planting can be surprisingly effective in pest control.”

Signed NOFA farmers’ pledge.