Stonecrop Farm

Greg Hartt and Jenney Stringer

1396 Rush-Henrietta Townline Rd.

Rush, NY 14543



chicken, pork, turkey, ducks, ginger, turmeric, eggs

Growing Practices

“All of our animals are certified organic and raised on pasture. Our pigs live on pasture year round and are rotated to fresh ground frequently. We breed our own pigs which means we keep a boar and at least 4 sows on the farm at all times so that we can raise pigs from start-to-finish on the farm and ensure humane and ethical treatment. Our laying hens live in a mobile house that is moved to fresh ground at least weekly, when weather permits. This means that our organic eggs have bright yellow yolks and are more nutritious than conventional eggs bought in a grocery store. Our turkeys are raised on pasture and rotated frequently onto fresh pasture. Our broiler chickens are given shade/weather shelter in chicken tractors and are moved to fresh ground every day, promoting the highest quality flavor and texture. We also grow certified organic ginger and turmeric. These tasty roots/medicinals are grown in a high tunnel and harvested in the fall.”