Della Jastrzab

Martville, NY


pastured pork, chicken, duck, turkey, eggs and 100% grass fed beef

Growing Practices

“Animals are raised outside for the entirety of their lives after the brooding stage..  Forced confinement never occurs but some animals choose to spend some time under shelter on only the coldest and windiest of days in the winter, and then mostly for the overnight hours while still spending time outdoors during the day. They are also rotated through pasture to fresh new ground as their old location gets used up by them so that the land regrows even better than before. We let all the animals distribute manure for us as they are moved about freely. The manure is our only means of fertilization. We grow pasture, grazing fields and hay. All purchased feed is certified organic. All of our farm products are produced without soy, corn or wheat and gives our meats a deep flavor and higher Omega 3, vitamin, mineral and CLA balance than most other modern day meats offered. Anything we offer is raised without hormones, antibiotics, or anything not allowed under the National Organic Program. Our first concern in our farming operation is the humane care of our animals and regularly consulting the Animal Welfare Approved standards is our primary source of information to keep us up to date on the best ways to do this. ”