Dana L. Dore-Hadad

Spencerport, NY

Facebook:  Chicory Blue Gardens Spencerport, NY



Cut flowers, fresh herbs, dried flower bouquets, grown on Manitou Road, Rochester

Growing Practices:

Chicory Blue Gardens will follow guidelines under NOFA-NY Farmers’ Pledge.  For soil building, compost is applied in spring, and a cover crop in areas of later planting.  Insects are controlled through alternating plantings, picking flowers before insects get them, and choosing varieties that attract beneficials, bees, and birds.  Disease is controlled through prevention, removing old plants that attract disease, choosing resistant varieties, and giving more space at planting time.

Insect and disease control:  use of beneficials, mixed varieties, spotting for insect and diseases, providing air circulation

Dana says,   “We are a small farm operating in the town of Spencerport, NY. We rent nearby land, about an acre altogether from a very nice local farmer. For the last three years we have grown annuals and perennials, and herbs specifically for cut flower sales. We follow organic practices, and this year we adopted the Farmer’s Pledge, which will be posted at our booth.  We have been selling at local farmer’s markets in the Rochester area; primarily South Wedge Farmers Market, and the Brighton Farmers Market.  Growing and selling cut flowers fulfills a life-long dream of mine. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science I had hoped to someday grow interesting flowers, and sell them to people who also love flowers!  We strive to provide people with high quality, long lasting cut flowers that are different and beautiful. We offer bouquets and sunflowers, of all types. Every year we grow new flowers, different ornamental grasses, and sweet smelling herbs to accent the bouquets.”