Black Hart Farm

Shevaune Ray

Piffard, NY

[email protected]


a variety of vegetables, eggs

Farm Practices

“Here at Black Hart Farm we strive to provide nutrient dense food, build the health of the soil, and do our part
to combat climate change. We know that soil health is the number one way to sequester carbon, and we will
continue to do all we can to make that a top priority. When we help the soil we not only help the planet, but we
also provide the best quality produce possible. We believe in a closed loop system because it is efficient, and can produce a lot on a small scale without
depleting the land. We are not yet certified organic, but use exclusively organic & regenerative practices. There
is no waste produced on our farm; we compost everything and only eat organic – even our food scraps that can’t
go into the compost feed our chickens. In regards to our weed, pest, and disease control; we have a multitude of different things that we do. We
practice rotational planting in permanent beds, use ground cover, wood chips, and companion planting. Prior
to planting we flame weed to add nitrogen, control weeds, and it contributes to our overall soil health. During
the heavy growing season, if needed we will treat plants with an all natural organic copper fungicide and add
nematodes. We even come up with unique ways to combat pests, for example; we know that brassica moths are
territorial, and so by cutting out moth shaped paper and hanging it near the brassicas it deters them. It is cute,
simple, and effective! When it comes to farming methods in regards to pest control, as mentioned above we do
things such as companion planting, but we also use things such as up-cycled floating row cover. We do our best
to source many of our farm materials from other organic & regenerative farming operations so we can upcycle
and keep other folks’ waste out of the landfill.”