Stonecrop Farm

Greg Hartt and Jenney Stringer

1430 Rush-Henrietta Townline Rd.

Rush, NY 14543

518 312-8542



chicken, pork, turkey, ducks, ginger, turmeric, eggs


Growing Practices

“We are certified organic and raise all of our livestock on pasture. Our laying flock is in a mobile house and moved to fresh ground at least weekly. Our broiler chickens are in chicken tractors, moved daily. Our turkeys are given a shade/weather shelter and are confined with electric fencing, moved to fresh ground at least weekly, depending on age/size. Our feeder pigs are given lots of pasture space and moved regularly to encourage grazing. Our breeding pigs live in the hedgerows, being moved as needed for parasite control and soil health. Ginger and turmeric are grown in a hoophouse and will be part of a rotation starting this year with the addition of a second hoophouse. Sol fertility will be renewed with our animals’ manure.”