Della Jastrzab

Martville, NY



chickens, eggs, pork, beef, duck, venison, turkey, rhubarb, horseradish

Growing Practices

“Animals are raised outside for the entirety of the grazing season.  Confinement occurs with cows overwintered on only the coldest and windiest of days in the winter, and then only for the overnight hours with outdoor access during the day.  They have access to indoor shelter at all times in the winter regardless.  Chickens have indoor protection in the winter with outdoor access during the day.  Pork is outside with a portable shelter all year.  Deer are outside all the time with access to sheds for wind protection.  Overwintered turkeys have the same indoor and outdoor access as chickens.  Hens have summer outdoor access with a portable egg shelter that is moved around.  Pigs are also moved around to new areas when old areas are used up by them.  Meat chickens are moved around with portable shelters and portable electric fencing for their protection.  Cows are also moved around to new grazing ground throughout the season with use of portable electric fencing.  We let all the animals distribute manure for us as they are moved about.  The manure and lime spreading is our primary means of fertilization.  We grow some of our own feed, corn, small grains and hay primarily.  Purchased feed comes from Lakeview Organic Grain, and sometimes we purchase some extra grain from two of our organic dairy neighbors that grow their own grain.  Most of our farm products are certified organic, soy free, and pasture raised or truly free range.  Anything we offer that is not certified is still raised without hormones, antibiotics, and with certified organic feed.  This would be the case with our farm raised venison and some of our pork, as we sometimes buy piglets from another farmer who is not organic and then they would be raised organically from 8 weeks old to finish.  Most of our pork is certified organic however as we have some born here or buy certified organic piglets.”